Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization and why do you care?  Small businesses need traffic NOW whether that is physical or virtual or both.  Time is of the essence because the entrepreneur has already built it.  The customers must come.  So much of our world has shifted online even if our business is still in the “real” world.  Every business large or small should have a good handle on their respective search engine results. 

If you are not found by Google in the way customers are searching, then you are leaving literal money on the table.  Lavasite Productions has been guiding small businesses through the labyrinth of search engine position optimization.  It starts with a review of the business’s website (and if they don’t have a website then we help them build one).  Keyword analysis is just one of the search engine optimization techniques that we go through with our clients.  In the end, we know how desperately small businesses need cheap search engine optimization.  Just because we don’t charge you an arm and a leg for these services doesn’t mean our search engine optimization consultants don’t deliver.  We are so confident that we offer all our search engine optimization GUARANTEED!