Email Marketing

Email continues to be the primary tool in the digital marketer’s toolkit.  Simply building a list and email blasts out regularly isn’t cutting it anymore.  Consumers are demanding value in communications.  Every point of contact must offer good, relevant information which is exactly in line with the consumer’s expectations.  If all of that wasn’t enough, the communication has to occur at the precise moment the consumer wants it!

This is where the Lavasite Productions team really thrives.  We pride ourselves in getting to the heart of business and customer relationships.  We work with our clients to develop their goals, focus, and communication plans.  We build our lists starting with high quality content in the form of whitepapers, eBooks, and webinars.  The valuable (to the consumers) content continues through every point of contact.  In the end, we realize email is just another way to build and strengthen relationships.  Email still is king when it comes to building trust, and establishing loyal relationships.

We live, breathe, and sleep split testing, campaign optimization, and email strategies.  Additionally, we ensure all email activities are tied into the appropriate reporting analytics so every email can be measured from send to the final business goal.  No click, open, bounce goes unnoticed.  What about our delivery rates?  We average over 90% delivery on all our clients’ email campaigns.  We recognize that if you don’t make it to the inbox, everything else is a waste.

Finally, this “consumer focused, content rules” philosophy is backed up by a team of top-notch copywriters that are poised to capture the perfect tone and business message in every email communication.  We value the consumer and respect their time.  In return, they reward our clients with their business.  Now if someone could just explain this to the spammers of the world!