Marketing Plans

This is where most of our client relationships begin.  A prospective client approaches us stating they really need a sales and marketing plan.  Oftentimes, this evolves to the crafting of their branding and business plans.  The branding and business plans are the foundation from which a small business marketing strategy can be built.  Without the foundation, the entire marketing house (and business itself) can crumble.

Lavasite Productions likes to create a laser focus on the needs and desires of the small business’ customers.  This consumer-centric orientation ensures a successful sales and marketing plan.  The marketing plan should act as jet fuel for the business development and sales efforts.  We are big believers in utilizing a web marketing plan and guerrilla marketing efforts for small businesses as they are, by far, the most cost effective way to drive traffic to a product or service.

Successful small business marketing plans always stem from a clear understanding of the business’ core strengths and how to best deliver to the customer.  We do more than just guide entrepreneurs through how to develop a marketing plan.  Lavasite Productions prides itself in its sense of partnership with clients.  Writing a marketing plan involves truly stepping into both client and customer shoes.  We are only satisfied when our clients are running hand in hand with their customers.  How do you know if your marketing plan is working?  Check your sales!