Social Media

Clients constantly ask us to define social media and, perhaps more importantly, explain how it can help their business.  The simple answer is that whether your business is online or not, your business can be impacted both positively and negatively by the conversations happening within the most popular social media.  Social media is the conversations around the proverbial water-cooler times 1 million!  Imagine the wave of business if you can get this social media water-cooler talking about YOUR BUSINESS!!!

Lavasite Productions provides social media marketing services.  Some clients want to learn how to utilize social media, while  others simply want to outsource these services.  We understand social media for businesses is both necessary but also time consuming.

Automation plays a key role but can’t be everything.  Imagine sitting around with a group of friends chatting.  A new person comes and sits down to join in the conversation.  The first few things this new person says or does will determine whether you and your friends continue to interact with this new person.  It’s the same thing with social media except your business is the new person entering into the conversation.  Your future customer loyalty is made or broken in seconds.  It’s important to have a fully defined social media plan in place.

Lavasite Productions social media marketing services include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, article marketing, blogs, social bookmarking, Web 2.0 campaigns (such as Squidoo, Hubpages, and Wikizines).  Our approach is holistic to encompass your existing marketing plans and website.  The final social media plan should be cheap, sustainable, and have an impact (in other words, it should definitely deliver real business results)!