Business Plans

Creating a solid operational business plan is the single most important action any entrepreneur can take for their future success.  Make a plan and then implement the plan.  Yet, making a business plan is one of the greatest challenges and stumbling blocks for start-up companies.  Why is it so hard, you ask?  Simple.  It involves flushing out details of a business, concept or idea that often the entrepreneur hasn’t begun to think about.  Combine that with the overwhelming feeling most start-ups get as to where to begin.

Lavasite Productions has made a business out of guiding entrepreneurs in how to develop a business plan.  It is our goal to make start up business plans quick, relatively painless, and oftentimes even fun.  We start with the  business concept, in whatever stage it is in.  Typically, within a few days we have transformed the proverbial business plan napkins (sometimes this has been a literal napkin) into a working outline and simple business plans.  The entrepreneur does have to do their homework but we provide clear checklists and detailed instructions along every step of the way in putting together your business plan formats.

Although the business plan process is critical to go through, we do NOT believe it should take months or even weeks to complete.  Afterall, in the end, a company’s business plan should be a working blueprint that evolves and grows with the business.  If it takes too much time or work to complete, the business will abandon the plan and dramatically increase it’s chances for failure.  Not to mention, the longer it takes to make a business plan the longer it takes for the start-up to go after funding sources.  Small businesses don’t have the luxury to wait for money!

So whether you are a bakery, coffee shop, event planning, non-profit, restaurant, retail boutique, salon, or any other type of small business, we are here to help you develop a business plan.